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Churchill Fellowship Day 27: The Swap

I’m a couple of days behind now so keen to catch up!

Saturday was a logistically important day in this journey as it was the day that Leisa was heading home and Mel was flying in. I had meticulously planned the handover at LAX Airport and was a tiny but apprehensive that everything needed to go smoothly. I was praying that there would be no major delays, or worse, cancellations!

Thankfully all went rather smoothly and I could breath a sigh of relief as Mel rounded the gate and we both waved Leisa off.

Swapping personal assistants was important because of the length of time I am out here in the USA. My PA’s are with me constantly without any significant breaks and this extended time in close quarters can be fatiguing for both of us. Leisa did an amazing job and I’m very grateful to her for taking on the majority of the trip. We had an incredible adventure and did and saw more than I’m able to process at the current time.

Mel joining me has brought and different fresh energy to my travels that I probably needed more than I knew. I have learnt so much about America in the time I have been here that it’s been an easy transition. Ok fact I didn’t realise quite how much I had learned until I began introducing Mel to the various cultural differences, it was quite enlightening.

Anyway the swap went really well and I’m feeling extremely positive about this last stage of my travels. I’d like to thank anyone who has been following the journey so far as I desperately want to squeeze the brakes before it’s all over!

Image Description: A quick selfie on me and Mel to celebrate her successful arrival in California.

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