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Churchill Fellowship Day 35: Almost Over

I felt quite sad today as we drive along the Pacific Coastal Highway heading for our final destination. My fellowship journey officially ends tomorrow and I’m taking a week or so of holiday to both celebrate and commiserate!

I have truly enjoyed this trip and it has redefined travelling for me. I have been in many locations that other tourists would likely never see and have had the privilege to see such a diverse range of terrains and climates in a very short space of time. In truth my head is spinning a little and it’ll probably be a while before I can fully process and put what I have learned into words. America remains a place of great intrigue and endless adventure, I am keen to return to its quirks another time.

Image Description: Me and Mel on a hazy morning at the Griffith Observatory overlooking iconic Hollywood sign.

We are also sad to say goodbye to our trusty vehicle, Jared. He was the most comfortable of all our vehicle hires and enabled us to be independent in our transversal of California.

Image Description: Jared, our self-named hired Chrysler Voyager fitted with a side entry ramp.

There are certainly things I miss about home but I do not feel an immediate need to return, if I was offered another couple of weeks out here I would likely take it. There’s still so much I could do!

We are now in Anaheim which houses the most touristy of the tourist traps - Disneyland. As a Disney fiend, I could not resist a short vacation to the happiest place on Earth. To tie in (loosely) with what this trip has been about - I have always found Disney to be an incredibly accessible experience in every way possible, I am hoping this extends to the original Californian Park.

Tomorrow I plan to close with some final thoughts and feelings before my short holiday begins. Today I’m just going to start unravelling all the thoughts I have floating around, many of which are a little to existential to put into words. I will say I won’t miss the constant blogging, whilst somewhat therapeutic and oh so important, it has been a constant afternoon/evening chore to put each day into words. I hope those of you following have enjoyed my ramblings, hopefully they’ll serve as a reminder and a prompt when I comes to reflecting on this amazing adventure.

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