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Churchill Fellowship Day’s 25 and 26: California Dreamin’

This blog’s title is inspired by the song that has been in my head for the last 24 hours!

I haven’t got a great deal to update you on so this will be a short one! We flew out from Denver to LA yesterday which was a relatively short two-hour flight. Delta did a great job of loading my chair but they did need reminding (by me) to put on the luggage tag which was a little baffling!

We hired a vehicle from Mobility works again in LA and it was ready and waiting for us at the airport… we just had to find it! Turns out that the wayfinding signage for pedestrians at LAX leaves a bit to be desired, we walked past our parking structure nearly twice before locating it.

Once again it was easy to access the vehicle and roll into place, in both cases I asked for the front passenger seat to be removed so that I could ride up front, perfect. What was anything but perfect was the shock of LA traffic!

We are staying in the Rialto region of San Bernardino, which is about 70 miles from the airport on only two roads. It took us a whopping 3 hours to travel that distance yesterday as we were plagued by just under 2 hours of stop/start traffic.

After this rather tiresome journey we were pleased to arrive to a rather lovely (and fully accessible!) hotel room. Our hotel is ideally located next to a retail park with various shops, restaurants and a cinema in easy walking distance. It was great to grab some food and wander back without having to get in a vehicle, we were also rather charmed by the very pretty sunset we could see over the mountains that surround us.

Image Description: A distinct purple/pink outline of a mountain in an otherwise dark sky.

Our hotel is also equipped with an accessible pool and jacuzzi, which we have made full use of today. It’s been great to kick back a little and not having to drive anywhere. Phase 4 (the final phase of my fellowship) begins next week, so I’m taking the opportunity for a brief breather over this weekend. I have a fair bit of exploration planned and I’m looking forward to finding out exactly what California has to offer.

Image Description: Me by the pool in my wheelchair after enjoying a day at leisure.

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