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Churchill Fellowship Day Thirteen: On the Road Again

Updated: May 13

Not a great deal to report today, we travelled back from Albany to NYC via coach/bus. This particular bus was not the smoothest of rides, seemingly the driver had a heavy right foot, so there was a great deal of lurching! I am grateful for the accessible coaches though, they are probably the cheapest form of transport I have used and have proven reliable with little fuss made over my chair.

Image description: a view of the New York City Skyline from the coach window.

Our plan was to grab a taxi at Port Authority bus terminal, it took us a moment (and a few failed attempts on the ‘curb’ app) but we found a rank and managed to grab a ride. This time I took the decision that I would load my chair into the taxi first and then walk around to a standard seat - probably the best decision of my life so far!

We had an (expensive) stress free journey from the City to New Jersey where we are now. We’re here to attend the Abilities Expo and I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s on offer to the Disabled community here on the East Coast.

Extra bonus, we (once again) did not get assigned an accessible room so I went and spoke to the front desk. Contrary to our experience in Phoenix the staff at this hotel were super helpful and upgraded us to an accessible suite! I’m looking forward to a good nights rest here and to a few days in one place before looking on to our next location.

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