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Churchill Fellowship Day One: Take Off!

Just a heads up for anyone reading these blogs, they are my going to be my usual focused affair. These blogs are very much designed to capture my thoughts and feelings in the moment. So, please excuse any spelling errors or a jumbled train of thought, these are very much live and real!

Day stared pretty smoothly to be honest. Airport experience great at Heathrow, friendly security allowed us not to queue with special assistance and make our own way to the gate, a real bonus as we then had plenty of time for a pre-flight lunch and wander round the shops.

As per usual airport gate staff knew nothing of my existence (British Airways staff were aware but not the special assistance airport crew). We turned up with plenty of time and rode the ambilift (Leisa’s favourite, really triggers her motion sickness!) all the way to terminal 5 to board. Unfortunately no pre boarding as passengers were allowed on ahead of us, I hate having to clamber around the aisles of a full plane but there was no escaping it on this occasion.

Flight was uncomfortable (they really need to improve their seats with some pressure relief!) but ultimately manageable. Food on the airplane was horrific, really strange concoction including a soggy sponge of supposed polenta and a very salty stew… would not recommend!

Arrived in PHX to some pretty dramatic vistas and a smooth Sky Train (so so cool!) ride to the hotel. Hotel had failed to book a handicapped room which was disappointing and frustrating but as we were so tired any bed was very welcome. Took the ‘deal with this tomorrow’ approach and crashed!

Ps. I didn’t manage to get a room change due to the hotel apparently only having three accessible rooms. I’m here for a Disability Sports conference so the odds were not in my favour! However, I am returning to this hotel after visiting Flagstaff and managed to secure an accessible room for this second stay - yay!

Image Description: Me and Leisa posing for a selfie on the Sky Train bridge with our first glimpse of Phoenix behind us.

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