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Churchill Fellowship Days Six & Seven - A Land of Contrast

Apologies to anyone following who is not on Facebook, I have primarily posted on there the last couple of days so check out that if you want to see some cool footage!

We left Phoenix the day before yesterday which constituted our first proper drive in the US. Head over to Facebook to see my test drive of the totally awesome Terrain Hopper!

The road networks here are vast, we expected that, what we didn’t account for is the extreme change in landscape and most of all weather! Turns out that Flagstaff (our destination) sits in the foothills of the San Francisco Peaks, the town is over 7000m over sea level! Crazy! On our journey we encountered what can only be described as a wall of icy hail which was rather shocking in contrast to the 34°c heat we had left no more than an hour earlier in Phoenix. I had no idea weather systems could change so dramatically so fast and with little warning, it took some time to regroup and process this.

Flagstaff is a really lovely town, quaint, with lots of independent shops mostly catering to travelling hikers. It sits just over 2 hours north of Phoenix but couldn’t look or feel any different. The town is fully accessible and we have had little to no problems getting about here. We’re staying a beautiful hotel called Little America, which even has its own (fairly accessible) hiking trails to explore the pine woodlands. The woods smell absolutely divine, it’s really strange to say that but I really felt like all my senses were alive on our short hike. We also visited Lowell Observatory which was a really interesting location and again super accessible with friendly staff (despite the intermittent hail). The Observatory overlooks the old town, making it extremely elevated with some stunning views.

Image Description: Me in my wheelchair from behind overlooking a lake with a mountain in the background.

Even more crazy, today we woke up to snow, yep, actual snow, proper real snow!! It’s almost laughable as we were heading to the Grand Canyon (which you just don’t associate with snow) and we had no idea what awaited us on this journey. We ended up having an incredible day… but I’ll leave that to tomorrow’s blog!

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