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The Secret Joy of Socks

It’s been a bit of a week, so here’s a short and sweet little blog about how important small happy things can be! (And yes! I am writing a blog about my sock drawer).

I love socks! They’re great, I have an extremely well-curated sock drawer with socks from various movies, tv shows, theatre productions alongside animal themed and travel souvenir socks - socks for all the things I love.

The thing I love most about socks is they stay with you all day and, no matter how difficult or momentous that day is, they can keep you happy all the while. You could be meeting the King, having a life changing surgery or just chilling on the sofa, your socks will remain with you through it all. I put them on first thing in the morning and mostly forget about them until I kick my shoes off or see a flash of them and bam! I remember that I’m wearing the most awesome socks and it just makes me smile.

When packing I think about all the things I’ll experience on my trip and pick out a pair of socks that have just the right feel for that occasion.

Sometimes the simple things are so powerful, but these quirks are what make us individuals. I’m not an idiot, I know not everyone cares about the socks they put on in the morning, they might not even wear socks. A lot of you might find this blog a little silly. But, everyone should have something they do each day that brings a smile to their face, something that makes the mundane days a bit brighter and the tough days a tiny bit easier. Even the great days can be enhanced with the right pair of socks.

So yes, this is a blog about socks, kinda. But it’s also a blog about how the small things we do, the little choices, can have a huge impact on how we take on each day!

Something to think on, but I’ll finish with a secret… My favourite socks are orange with dinosaurs and volcanos on them, they’re just too cool!

Image Desciption: Orange Dinosaur Volcano socks on my wonky feet!

Ps. Don’t even get me started on my shoe collection!

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